Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

NRT (Non resident Telugus)

Proposal for selecting NRT awardees for distinguished contribution.

TV 5 wishes to recognise NRTs who have contributed significantly in their respective fields/categories with awards.

In this endeavour, we suggest giving equal emphasis to people who have contributed to the “host” country’s causes as well to causes related to “India”. Rewarding this behaviour, In the long run, we believe this will cut down on potential resentment among the locals.

On the same token, rewarding younger generations for meaningful contributions will reinforce positive behaviour for the benefit of future generations.

We suggest the following general distribution of honours among these groups.

Younger than 50 Years Older than 50 years
India related Political Political
Business Business
Philanthropy Philanthropy
Cultural Cultural
Host country related Political Political
Business Business
Philanthropy Philanthropy
Cultural Cultural

If you are your own boss, and if you are excelling in abroad this award is for you. If you are inspiring next generations with your ideas, innovations, good practices, spreading Indianness through various means.. then we are searching for people like you. Entrepreneurs across different sectors in various geographies of the world are eligible for nomination to this award.

If you have opened up arms with large heart.. then we are here to encourage you. Hope this award recognizes your efforts and motivates you to put more effort in different fields. These awards are for those who took initiative in the fields of education, health, less privileged sections, animal care etc. Social scientists, Good Samaritans, Philanthropists, Activists from different parts of the world are encouraged to nominate themselves.

These awards are bestowed upon people who proved their performance in different arts. Dance, Instrumental, Music, Theatre Arts, Literature are some of the fields. Artists who portrayed native cultural forms are much more encouraged.

If you are bridging the gap between political parties, leaders, policymakers and Telugu community then we are here to recognize your efforts.